Smiling faces

Helpful people

Relaxed atmosphere

Relevant teaching

Energetic music


The Edge is a different kind of place.

The Edge is a place where you’ll feel right at home. Whether you just started asking questions about faith, have been in church all your life, or you are somewhere in between, we believe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for at The Edge Christian Worship Center.

The Edge is an active group of caring and committed people. We come from many countries, cultures, and backgrounds.  We’re truly a Christian church family serving our community with spiritual, educational, personal and social ministries.

Our unique location, in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, places us in an ideal spot to minister to the needs of the many.  We offer lots of activities to individuals and family members of all ages.

So, do explore our web site.  Come and visit us in person.  Feel free to contact us.  You’ll find lots of resources here on our web site.